Welcome to my business coaching company The Biz Coach!

There are only four ways to get out of a business:

  1. You die.
  2. Your business fails or you close the doors.
  3. You sell off the assets.
  4. You create and sell a profitable business.

My ultimate goal is to help business owners accomplish #4.

What is your exit plan?

Man on iPad showing charts online business coaching 1 on 1
Over 90% of small businesses fail before their 10th anniversary
“After a half hour conversation with Paul he made three recommendations which I implemented immediately and these changes have added over $100k to my bottom line. I highly recommend his services.”
Scott Gibbons
SMG Marine
“This really opened my eyes to all the money I was leaving on the table with my business. I’ve implemented what I’ve learned and have scaled like never before.”
Joshua Thorne
CEO, FullStack Media
“My bookkeeping business has worked with Paul on a number of projects this year. He has broad knowledge of various industries and financial interpretation to help guide companies to succeed.”
Sara Dolbeck
Dot Net Computers / Bookkeeping

I’ve learned from my mistakes and I want to share what I have learned over the years.

I understand what it takes to start, scale and sell a business. I know first-hand about the many problems that business owners experience despite all the good intentions.

Contact me for more information.

With my help, you can live the life you’ve always dreamed of.

As a business coach I teach owners how to implement a well formulated action plan to achieve their identified goals. I coach business owners on how to put systems in place that will drive their vision towards reality and to propel the business forward, scaling it and making it extremely profitable. We will have weekly calls to discuss progress and I will also hold you accountable on these calls. Outside of these coaching calls, I work behind the scene to maximize business profitability.

With proper systems in place, business owners can have the time and freedom to live the lifestyle they desire for themselves and their families.

I typically find a minimum of $50-$100K of hidden money within a business right from the start, and have helped my clients increase their bottom lines by hundreds of thousands of dollars! I can help you do the same.

Hidden Money