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Do these pain points sound familiar?

  • Working too many hours and wearing too many hats
  • Profitability challenges
  • Cash flow issues
  • Lack of short and long-term strategies
  • No exit strategy
  • Not sure where to start with lead generation and/or leads not converting to sales
  • Growing very quickly and need to implement efficient systems
  • Lack of system procedures
  • Inventory issues including slow turnover, quality problems, fill rates, and long lead times
  • Can’t find the right employees and/or trouble retaining employees
  • Lack of financial proficiency
Pain Points
“The Business Bootcamp and Business Optimizer Program was essential for growing and strengthening my business while reducing management stress and increasing net income. Paul is knowledgeable, patient, and great to work with.”
Andrew Wiseman
Saugeen Tree Care
“Paul has the unique ability to look at a business scenario at a macro level and then quickly hone down on inefficiencies that are sometimes not obvious for the inside looking out. Any private business that wants to operate a little more effectively would be so pleased with the skills that Paul brings to the table.”
Paul Dowling
Dowling Holdings Inc.
“Paul Oehm is the epitome of a serial entrepreneur. He has been involved in numerous businesses, many of which have been started from just a vision and then built from the ground up. He has experienced the highs and lows, the successes and disappointments of entrepreneurship, and always bounced back, learning from all those experiences. This has equipped him with a wealth of practical knowledge and tools to share and assist others.”
Barry Dohms
President, Legacy Automotive Family

We can start with any of the six key areas below, which will help us analyze, audit & maximize. We will locate your business bottlenecks.

We will prioritize the goals and issues of the business and will work on them in that order.

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  • Establish short and long-term business strategies
  • Identify your top goals and issues
  • Discuss overall business model
  • Identify your competitive strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, & threats
  • Develop a 1-5 year plan and strategy
  • Create an exit strategy (if applicable)

Sales & Marketing

  • Identify your ideal and most profitable customer (avatar)
  • Identify your optimal target market
  • Work on the overall messaging and branding
  • Establish an overall marketing plan with campaigns for stronger lead generation and customer retention
  • Discuss the proper sales funnel and process
  • Identify sales growth opportunities (up-sells, down-sells, cross-sells, bundling, referral programs, and joint ventures)


  • Discuss overall business efficiency, bottlenecks, weaknesses, strengths & opportunities within all departments
  • Create organizational structure and an organization chart
  • Identify all departments, tasks and duties within each department
  • Define job responsibilities of all employees


  • Create a systems, procedures and operations manual (if you don’t already have one)
  • Discuss time management
  • Identify priorities and flows
  • Conduct a technology audit (hardware, software, and manual systems)
  • Discuss current communication with employees, suppliers, and customers
  • Implement automation where possible
  • Discuss contracts and agreements with vendors and partnerships


  • Discuss employee hiring process and value proposition
  • Identify employee retention
  • Discuss employee onboarding, training and responsibilities
  • Identify team KPIs (scorecards)
  • Identify team communications
  • Discuss employee contracts, files, and compliance


  • Review financial reporting/health
  • Identify accounting procedures and systems
  • Conduct a break-even analysis
  • Conduct a gross margin (GM) analysis
  • Identify a fixed and variable costs analysis
  • Create a pricing structure
  • Ensure KPIs and scorecards monitor overall financial performance in real-time
  • Maximize bottom line


I will help you prioritize your goals and set your action plan. We will have a series of calls and I will hold you accountable.

Business Profit Optimizer (BPO)

  • Full Business Analysis
  • Financial Analysis
  • Exit Strategy Analysis
  • Business Plans & Systems Implementation
  • Increase Profitability